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the other of two acrylic on canvas 36 x 36

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lady of the garden





Dlyn Fairfax Parra cultivates an explorer’s stance, knowing the discovery arises from within each moment. Awaiting. Allowing. Appreciating.


Celebrating the uplift and down swell of word, color, paint, and people, Parra joyously merges with whatever medium at hand to behold emergence becoming.

Parra’s abstract compositions are of a bold organic fluidity– the themes are beyond language, complex, mythic, and multi-layered; they offer a shift of view – in dark, rich paint. These abstracts spur surprise journeys into the psyche, communicating a wild world, a universal moment, a metaphor;

Parra graduated from the University of Arizona, received an MS from Prescott College and has studied prolifically with Master Artists at the Tucson Museum of Art, Pima Community College, Naropa College, University of Arizona, and The Drawing Studio and continues to create as we speak


Juried competitions include:


Tucson Botanical Gardens, 85712, Sept 2013

Herberger Theater, Phoenix AZ 2012

Joel D Valdez, Tucson Public Libraries, solo exhibit, Oct 2011

Contents Interiors Showcase 2010

Durango Colorado Parks and Recreation solo exhibit, 2010

FACE, Contemporary Women’s Art, Kachina Gallery, University of Arizona 2010

The Drawing Studio, Abstract Expressionism: A Celebration, 2008



Parra has also collaborated with New York sound artist A Publicover on the project entitled “Placement within a SnowCloud.”

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